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Enjoy the famously fresh Swiss air with My compare car hire Switzerland. Switzerland has some of the world's best skiing and so you should bear in mind that many of the best My compare car hire Switzerland vehicles might be sold out if you leave it to the last minute. Although we encourage you to book in advance we do not have any late cancellation fees so you don't have to worry abut incurring unnecessary penalties if you change your mind. In fact we do everything possible to make sure that your car hire Switzerland experience is as hassle free as it could be.


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My compare car hire Switzerland allows you to get up to the mountains for a spot of skiing. We have vehicles which are ideal for uphill driving such as the Toyota Rav 4 or the soft top Suzuki Jimny, which is also a four wheel drive car.
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Switzerland is a landlocked country which is very mountainous and has one of the highest standards of living in the world. The Swiss have famously remained neutral through many European wars and the country is also considered a hub for banking international due to their tax haven status and secrecy laws. Despite this Switzerland is still a member of international organisations such as the United Nations. But the Swiss are not members of the European Union and still have retained their own currency, the Swiss Franc. Although Switzerland has very much its own identity there are nevertheless definitely French, Italian and German sections of the country with the corresponding cultures, i.e wine drinking, cappuccino sipping and beer guzzling. We have cars for hire in the exciting capital Zurich which has a great mix of bars, restaurants, shops, open green space and picturesque old buildings. Public transport in Switzerland is very good but you will want a car to really get up into the mountains, whether you are going to the Alps or the Jura. If you are not a mountains sort of person there are wonderful alpine meadows and crystal clear lakes to enjoy too. Lake Zurich in particular becomes a hive of life during the summer with many local and families going there to swim, sail, picnic and just lounge in the amazing surroundings. In Switzerland's other large city Lake Geneva is also a wonderful place to relax. Switzerland has a great temperate climate but you should bear in mind that its gets colder the higher up that you go.




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