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My Compare car hire Venice is good for travellers on a tight budget. We have a range of exciting vehicles for rent which cost as little as 95 Euros weekly. You can drive cars such as the Toyota Avensis, the VW Golf or the Ford Fiesta. Having a rental means that you will not get over-charged for using a taxi as drivers tend to be creative with the prices quoted to foreigners. Cars come with air conditioning which is a good idea as Venice can get quite hot and smelly during the summer months. Spring or autumn are much better times to visit.

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Car hire Venice allows you to see this incredible Renaissance city which was an eminent world power for many centuries right up to its conquest by Napoleon. Although there are no cars in central Venice you can use us to get from the airport.

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Take a romantic tour of one of the great cities of the world with My Compare car hire Venice, there is more to Venice than just canals.



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Venice is a city so stunning you won't believe it - it feels more like the set of a movie than a real life place. This surreal feeling is compounded by the fact that the centre of Venice is to all accounts now just a tourist attraction and not a functioning, working city like Paris or London.

But in terms of sheer charm and aesthetic appeal, Venice is more dazzling than both of these rivals for the tourist trade. Many tourists will never see all the districts of Venice which encompass a massive area with much to offer. Although the city is in a state of gradual decay, you can still see the opulence instilled by many empires and this is one place everyone must go before they die.

Famously Venice is built on water with canals everywhere and gondaliers and motor boats providing the main ways of transportation. However you will find these to be very expensive whereas it is possible to rent cheap car hire at Venice Marco Polo airport, named after the great Italian explorer, and leave it at the gates to the city in what is Europe's largest car park.

Beautiful areas of Venice such as the Lido are best accessed by car too, while if you are doing a road trip around Italy you will not want to miss this gem. The main starting point for a tour is Venice is St Marks Square where the Campanile di San Marco must surely qualify as one of the most magnificent buildings in the whole of Europe.



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