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Some My Compare car hire Larnaca vehicles are the Hyundai Getz, the Nissan Maxima, the Ford Mondeo and the Mitsubishi Diamante. Almost all cars come with air con but check before booking, especially between June and August when Cyprus gets incredibly hot. Likewise you should ask if you want a child seat with your vehicle. Global Positioning Systems are available but you are unlikely to need it as Cyprus is such a small island. Cyprus has some good wind surfing spots and is excellent for water sports like scuba diving so you may want a luggage rack to take your equipment.

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Many tourists choose My Compare car hire Larnaca because of the amazing weather in Cyprus. If you are flying into Larnaca international airport our friendly staff can meet and greet you, give you the keys and show you to your vehicle.

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My Compare car hire Larnaca is easy to pick up because the airport is so small and you will see our offices straight away.If you are planning to ski in Poland and Gdansk we can offer snow tires, snow chains and ski racks for your equipment with every hire car.



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My Compare car hire Larnaca is the perfect start to a summer holiday in Cyprus. Having a car is vital on this Mediterranean island as there is no public transport and taxis are shockingly expensive. Cars come with cooling AC which is absolutely necessary. As the airport is very manageable you will see our car hire Larnaca airport offices as soon as you have collected your bags.

There is much to see and do in Cyprus so you should choose your car accordingly. For instance the mountains at the centre of the island are very high at 2,000 metres and so are best traversed with a sports utility vehicle like the Suzuki Grand Vitara. If you go in winter there is snow so you might want to hire out racks for your ski equipment, and tires and chains which are adapted to snowy weather.

It takes about four hours to drive all the way across the island and so you can go from Larnaca to the British beach resort of Ayia Napa with ease. Ayia Napa is famed for its bars and nightlife as well as beautiful sandy beaches.

To the west of Larnaca is the port town of Limassol where you can see huge ships from the attractive seaside promenade. Limassol also has good nightlife with lots of bars and pubs and the town holds a charming wine festival in September too. Larnaca itself has a marine and pretty seafront as well as an old town full of good shops. Nearby there are ancient monuments to visit.



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